Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Since we were born..we always needed those around us to look and help us in becoming a better individual... without them, we tend to become blind of ourselves and make errors we never realise. We tend to notice other people's mistakes but unfortunately leave ours behind!..though there is that famous saying "we should always look ourselves in the mirror"...but again as ordinary human beings..we are bound to forget....
There are perfectionists (I considered myself one too) but under all the hard work in making everything look 'perfect' I overlooked the MOST important one of love relationship! I thought it was 'perfect' (guess I didn't look in the mirror...)as everyone I knew told me we were made for each other and the chemistry was just right! I never realised that my trying to be 'perfect' just ended in doom and became fiction!
I know that I am now too late to make the U-turn I should have made...but looking back I wasn't shown a signboard or a signal that made me miss that point to return to the 'perfect' track! I won't blame others of my mistake but if I was given a chance to find a cure a... remedy..I wouldn't miss it for the world!
True it is, that couples are bound to hit a rock or wall here and there..but there must always be a reason, a cause, a factor for it to happen they say...every problem comes with a solution...we just need to search for a puzzle..where we need to be patient....So...we should never ever give up on the person we claim to love and care cause if we means we are just trying to run away from the issue and are scared of challenges in life!However, if we are patient till we are able to solve it...I believe the knot we've tied will become stronger and God has prepared us a rainbow at the end of the storm!
In conclusion, it is no doubt we try our very best in becoming the perfect soul mate but as human beings who are born with flaws in action...Perfection all in all becomes Fiction!

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aridz said...

I still remember the time that I knew you. Everything seems perfect to you. You are a loyal wife. I don't know and can't imagine what was wrong.. However, be patient. You must become a tough girl. Don't let the situation control emotion. Let you control your emotion. You can be a happy girl again.xjbg