Thursday, June 5, 2008

Footsteps on LOVE!!

Everyone desires to loved. Everyone has their own way of showing love to their partner which I believe makes the individual unique and apart from others.
However, howTRUE can we be in LOVE? How long can we stay in LOVE? and how can we actually prove our LOVE?
I know a couple that has recently fell in LOVE...but the worse thing is that one of the person is still in a tied knot...What I can't believe is how can this person who claims to be responsible forget his responsibilities??? No matter how bad the partner is...this couple should atleast have respect for those around them. Thus, this is where we should consider and take the footsteps on LOVE as our bible.
In LOVE..everyone should feel happy and comfortable...not only the couple but everyone around them especially those they know. Take a step back and judge ourselves...are we too open? are we over board? have we hurt somebody?? anybody?? If we have...we should then how did we hurt this person? and how can we heal it? MOST couples ignore this fact... why? The answer is is blind and makes us do things we dare not before... even run away from those who TRULY LOVE us for who we are! Are we ashamed of those actions?? Unfortunately not many come to their senses on that until it is too late!
In LOVE...we should also consider our financial status. In this modern era of glitz and glam...material is the key of keeping the relationship. Someone used to say that money can't buy happiness..but to sure can buy EVERYTHING except our ticket to HEAVEN! Don't believe me? Just look at today's Hottest issues??? pretty young girls marrying a husband the same age as their father's... To me...this type of marriage is purely based on material! To fall in LOVE and be true in LOVE..we should know how to handle our income...but most of all ensure that we are willing to work hard for a better living and always be thankful to GOD for the blessings He has given us...cause HE can take it back in a blink of an eye and make us pennyless!
In LOVE...respect is another vital key to hold. Each individual has their strength and weaknesses. Some may look like a lost puppy but yet has an ego higher that mount Everest and a temper that can kill seven in a blow! Yet, some may be the oppposite. With much respect of the person and by focusing on the person's strength..we can make the relationship a bliss! Give and take...that's what everyone agrees too.
Lastly, in LOVE there should always be TRUST! NO relationship can work without trust. why is trust so important? Well...can we be with our partner 24..7? The answer will definitely be NO! Therefore, we should place our trust in the person and in same time loyalty in ourselves and keep it intact. Without trust...we tend to have negative thoughts of our partner and this may lead to 'fitnah' subsequently, DISASTER!
Even if we' ve tried our very best to be the best yet fail to keep the relationship strong due to a third is always best to show respect and guilt to our partner and keep the new LOVE we never know GOD may turn our LOVE back one day and when that happens...nothing will prevail and nothing we do can make us the person we used to be in our partner's eyes...but leave only footsteps of our LOVE in history!

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love is complicated...