Thursday, September 11, 2008

Awaken from DooM!!!

Been awhile since i wrote in this blog of mine..busy and trying to sort my life out..Now that I have a better view of the future ahead..i feel as though i have finally awoke from a ng and dreadfl nightmare...Thank God!
I have learnt to be a better individual, stronger and with a clearer view of my will never be easily gained...we need to go through hardship, hertship and heartache..and i'm not kidding when i say..alot of it...!
I feel blessed that God has always been by me though at times i forgot Him..but He never did..and never gave up on me...There was a time i felt hopeless and people started to point unnecessary fingers at me...i don't blame them as people will always believe others especially those close to them...but with that...i learnt to be stronger and keep my faith close to the end...the truth became more vivid...fingers that once pointed at me..started to point elsewhere..why???
I have also realised to differ my true friends and those who just claim to be...Friends who were wiling to share my endless tears and struggles and my juggles..and were willing to turn then to smiles and laughter...hope and a better future...
I learnt at times it's best to always believe in ourselves besides doing our best we can in the right way...If we have done our very BEST..we must then have faith that God knows and will always ensure we receive the BEST... But then we must be prepared to accept that what we think is best for us actually isn't..because God has prepared something greater...we just need to trust Him...
I thank God for this test he has given me as it has made me realise many things in life and how i should make what's left of it..become better than before and to never regret what has happened to me..if this hadn't happened..i could never imagine my future ahead...monotonous i presume? God has given me a much meaningful life with many interesting things and people to meet...
Thus again, i am forever thankful to finally be awakened from this dreadful nightmare and doom....!!!

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